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PRODEL  pursues effective partnerships to further our methodologies and services.


That is why we are not tied to any one tool, solution or methodology; but offer our clients an independent review of their needs and then offer the most effective & efficient solution adapted for individual corporate need.  We have worked with clients in all parts of the world. We cannot disclose our clients in our Global Security division, but the list of our growing commercial Clients are:

CLIENT LIST.....Still Growing


Some of our Growing Client Portfolio are:

1.    Unilver

2.    Bradford & Bingley

3.    Lloyds TSB 

4.    HSBC

5.    UK Department for Education & Skills

6.    Transport for London

7.    Railtrack (Network Rail)

8.    ABN Amro

9.    Dresdsner Bank

10.    British Petroleum

11.    Sainsburys

12.    Anglian Water

13.    Scottish Power

14.    THUS Plc

15.    Natwest Bank

16.    Versatel Holland

17.    BBC

18.    BMW

19.    Discovery Communications

20.    JP Morgan Chase

21.    CitiGroup

22.    Bank of America

23.    VW America

24.    FORD Motor Company

25.    Autoglass

26.    Phillip Morris, Switzerland

27.    Several UK Local Councils

28.    UK Equality and Human Rights Commission

29.    Computer Sciences Corporation

30.    Logica CMG

31.    Capita IT Services

32.    Cap Gemini

33.    Bull Information Systems

34.    Department of Defense, India

35.    Silverline Technologies (India, South Africa, USA and Europe)

36.    Majid Al Futaim (MAF GROUP), UAE


Please note that the copyright to all our clients logos belong to each company and is gratefully acknowledged. Thank you.


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