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Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and projects delivery capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends, political insights and develop solutions to help clients around the world:

   - Design and implement new strategies both         corporately and politically

   - Enter new markets with products & services.

   - Increase revenues in existing markets.

   - Improve operational performance & impact.

   - Deliver products & services more effectively


We also have a Global Security & Police Consultancy Division where we train and provide consultancy services to the Police and Security sectors around the world.


We have helped to deliver Security Sector Reforms in dozens of countries. We, however, do not publish information about this division due to security and confidentiality reasons.



At Prodel our experience covers a wide variety of industry sectors. From Police and Security Services, manufacturing, construction to healthcare, retail, banking to Oil & Gas; and the public sector arena.


We work with firms of all sizes as well as corporations that are global leaders as well as Governments. PRODEL has consultants stationed in Europe, Africa, Australia and North America.


We also have an extensive network of consultants working in our Global Security and Police Consultancy Division focusing on Security Sector reforms across the globe.


We have hundreds of leading consultants at our disposal and work together to provide the best in breed solutions to our growing client base.


PRODEL is an International Management Consulting, Security Consulting & Training, Technology Services, Corporate Strategy, Construction and Projects Delivery Company. Combining distinguished experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions; PRODEL collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.  


PRODEL, as a Global Consultancy company has a division that specialises in International Police and Law Enforcement development and training.


Led and managed by legally trained experts, we are known for our pioneering work in this field. Our strong research orientation has helped us continuously innovate in the areas of instructional design methodologies, and curricula development that is cutting-edge.


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